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About eBooks
eBooks, or electronic books, are books that can be downloaded and read using an electronic device such as a PC, laptop, or specialized handheld reader. Advantages include the ability to search in text, easy bookmarking, saves paper, and since they're downloadable you should be able to ignore shipping & handling charges. However availability of titles is limited, electronic formats differ, and they can be a bit less ergonomic than their paper counterparts. Are you ready to curl up with a good "eBook"?
eBook Readers
Description Pricing
Gemstar eBook Reader
This is a specialized portable device for reading eBooks. It's about the size of a paperback and weights 18 ounces. Rechargable battery life is 20-40 hours. Reads ASCII, MS Word, HTML and RocketEdition formats. Manufactured by RCA.
RCA REB 1100
Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader
The Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader software enables you to read high-fidelity electronic books on your laptop, notebook, or desktop PC. Windows or Macintosh versions available. (Formerly called the Glassbook Reader.)
Free version available
Microsoft Reader
This eBook software runs on any Windows 9x, NT, 2000 computer.
Free version available

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