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Use METAPRICESTM to search for compact discs and compare prices at major online music stores! METAPRICES is a free service for online comparison shopping*.  Once you select a title, our spider searches the Web for the most current prices at several online music stores and presents the results sorted by price so you can compare before you shop. Besides being easy to use, our price engine only compares prices for the specific album you want (instead of swamping you with prices for irrelevant items like at other comparison shopping sites.)
How to use this site
Step 1: Search for CD's The first step is to search for what you want by typing in an Artist name or Title of a CD into a search box like the one at the top of this page. Remember to select a search by Artist or Title by using the drop down menu. Type in a name or title words and click on the Go! button to begin the search. The more terms you enter the better. Search results are returned with the better matches at the top. If no matches were found, make sure you spelled your terms correctly, otherwise we probably don't have the CD you are looking for in our database.
Step 2: Navigate the results Search results are presented in tables according to Artist, Title, Store, or Price. Clicking on a hyperlink refines your search:
  • Click on an Artist to get a list of Titles by that Artist.
  • Click on a Title to search the web for the prices on that CD.
  • Click on a Price to visit an online music store and shop for the CD.
Step 3: Compare prices When you select a Title, our spider searches the web to find the current prices for the CD at several online music stores. This may take up to a minute. The result is a list of online stores and their prices for that CD.
Step 4: Shop at a store You can visit an online store and view their web page for a CD by clicking on a Price.
METAPRICES is provided as a free service to users. We cannot guarantee that the prices shown are accurate or include the lowest prices available anywhere on the web, or that items are available or in stock.  The prices we report do not currently include shipping & handling, taxes, special store wide sales, or discounts. METAPRICES does not sell compact discs, we only point you toward people who do.

*We welcome suggestions on where to expand and how to improve! (feedback@metabuy.com)

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